Conference fees



Delegation fee per delegation € 160.00

Participation fee per person
for MUN-Directors/Delegates including Press delegates, ICJ, APQNE members and Student Officers (except executive committee)

Includes lunches, a HTM Public Transport Ticket (5 days, Mo - Fri)* and two delegation photos

€ 270.00

Community Housing fee per student

(housing only)

€ 100.00
Changes to Form II
after 20 November 2015 per ID Badge changed, or Replacement ID badge after registration at conference (cash payment)
€ 30.00


* Schools not requirering the 5-day HTM Public Transport ticket will receive a discount of € 20.00 per person. To receive the discount the MUN-Director should write an email to the THIMUN Office before 1 December 2016 to inform us that the school will not need tohe 5-day HTM tickets.


Second Delegation

Schools allocated a second delegation will be charged for the maximum number of students in the first delegation and at least the minimum number of students in the second delegation.



Financial Statement


 A financial statement can be found in the main menu of the MUNIS Online Registration System, once you have logged in. The link Account (financial) links to a printable statement of account. Once your submitted Online Form II is accepted, and there is an outstanding balance, it will be an actual invoice requesting payment.



Deadlines and Cancellations


Changes / Substitutions

After 18 November 2016, substitutions for students unable to attend will only be permitted upon payment of an administrative charge. Once the Online Form II is submitted, you can not make any changes online any more. All changes and substitutions have then to be sent to the THIMUN Hague office by email. The cost of a badge change is € 30.00 per badge changed.



From 18 November 2016 the full fees are due, whether or not a school, or an individual participant, for whatever reason, actually attends. The full fees for services ordered through THIMUN are due as soon as the THIMUN Office receives the appropriate form. Cancellation costs will vary according to the date the written cancellation is received by the THIMUN Office:


Cancellation of participant or school:

After 25 September 2016: 100% of Delegation pre-payment

After 18 November 2016: 100% of fees/charges due

Housing per school:

After 18 November 2016: 100% of fees/charges due

Schiphol Pick-up service:

Before 1 December 2016: 50% of fees/charges due

After 1 December 2016: 100% of fees/charges due


Schools are strongly urged to take out adequate cancellation, travel and medical insurance. THIMUN is not responsible for costs incurred by individual schools or participants in any of these areas.






Delegation Pre-payment

By 25 September 2016 at the latest, the following non-refundable delegation pre-payments are due:


€ 3,670.00 for a Standard Delegation Country (12 students + 1 MUN-director + delegation fee)

€ 2,320.00 for a Small Delegation Country (7 students + 1 MUN-director + delegation fee)

€ 1,240.00 for a Non-member Delegation (3 students + 1 MUN-director + delegation fee)



The remainder of the fees must be transferred before 1 January 2017. The details of your statement of account can be found in the Online Registration System, once you have logged in. MUN-Directors are expected to bring evidence of payment with them to registration at the conference.



Payment Methods



Payments are to be made in Euro, and net of all bank charges, by one of the methods below. Schools are responsible for the payment of all bank charges related to the processing of checks and payment of fees. To avoid or minimize such charges, schools should instruct their bank to transfer the money, net of bank charges, directly by bank transfer into the THIMUN account.Charges are especially high on processing checks not made out in Euro or not drawn on a Dutch bank.


Bank Transfer

Please clearly indicate the name of the school/School ID and the conference. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the International Bank Code (BIC/SWIFT) should be used to avoid unnecessary delays and charges.


Account No.
IBAN: NL03ABNA0484264567
ABN AMRO Bank, Kneuterdijk 8, The Hague, Netherlands