Press delegates, under the supervision and direction of the Press Coordinator, are responsible for producing the THIMUN conference newspaper. The Press Delegation includes layout editors, text editors, experienced reporters, photographers
and cartoon artists. This team of young aspiring journalists are busy in the mornings selling their paper and are often the last people to leave the conference each day, when the deadline is met.

MUNITY Online is the THIMUN Online Press Team producing videos, news shows, etc. on the conference and beyond. Apart from reporting and updating the MUNITY Online web site, the team follows and manages the Facebook and Twitter accounts to inform all the delegates at the conference, but it also shows the outside world what THIMUN is and what is taking place during the week of the conference.


The letter of application should include details of the applicant’s journalistic experience skills, familiarity with word-processing, desktop publishing and/or photo editing programs, MUN experience and knowledge of current affairs. Applicants are encouraged to send samples of their work, e.g. articles, photos, artwork, or layouts published in school or student newspapers and magazines, essays or assignments in English, History, International Relations, or Art classes.

Successful applicants are expected to be engaged in an on-line forum in the months before the conference, contributing their ideas and work for publication in the pre-conference issue of MUNITY.


For the general rules and procedures regarding individual applications, please see this page.