1st Committee (Disarmament and International Security)

  • Strengthening of security and cooperation in the Mediterranean region
  • Controlling illicit arms smuggling in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
  • Measures to combat sexual violence in conflict zones
  • The question of the disputed territories between Sudan and South Sudan

2nd Committee (Economic and Financial)

  • Culture as a tool to achieve Sustainable Development
  • Towards comprehensive cooperation among all modes of transport for promoting sustainable multimodal transit corridors
  • Designing a Universal Code of Ethics for Tourism
  • The question of the use of unilateral economic measures as a means of political and economic coercion against developing countries

3rd Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

  • Measures to eradicate forced labour and end modern slavery
  • Ensuring that all youth achieve literacy and numeracy
  • Measures to protect cultural identity of minorities
  • The question of recovering art confiscated from Holocaust victims during the Second World War                  

4th Committee (Special Political and Decolonization)

  • The question of Transnistria
  • Towards a reunited Cyprus
  • The question of territorial sovereignty in Antarctica
  • The question of Kosovo

5th Committee (Administration and Budgetary)

  • Financing of the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA)
  • Financing of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF)
  • Financing of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL)
  • Financing of the united Nations Stabilisation mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)

6th Committee (Legal)

  • Consideration of prevention of transboundary harm from hazardous activities and allocation of loss in the case of such harm 
  • Designing a legal framework to stop environmental damage as a result of armed conflict
  • Immunity of State Officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction
  • Transparency of  investments in the arms trade



  • The situation in Mali
  • The situation in Iraq
  • The situation in Haiti
  • The situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories



  • Promoting sustainable consumption patterns: reducing global food waste at  consumer and retail levels
  • Integrating and coordinating a response to the  Zika  virus
  • Building vulnerable people’s long-term economic resilience to extreme weather events
  • The question of future livelihood for refugees
  • Achieving access to banking, insurance and financial services for all
  • The question of exclusion from the labour market on the basis of race, religion or gender



Sub-commission 1

  • The question of trading of Small Arms & Light Weapons (SALWs) in Africa
  • Implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling andUse of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction
  • Implementing international regulations for the safe use of armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Countering the threat posed by improvised explosive devices

Sub-commission 2

  • Monitoring and curbing the development of advanced new types of strategic weapons
  • Measures to fully implement the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT)
  • Preventing heavy weapons from being acquired and used by non-State actors
  • Measures to promote successful demobilization of child soldiers



Sub-commission 1

  • Managing human overpopulation in areas of profound biodiversity
  • The question of performing animals for commercial entertainment
  • Providing legislation to ensure transparency in the fracking industry
  • Strategies to assess and counteract coral bleaching

Sub-commission 2

  • Promoting  advanced agricultural technology as  a tool for achieving sustainable development
  • The question of nuclear energy as a viable ‘clean energy’ alternative to fossil fuels
  • The question of the impact of tourism on World Natural Heritage
  • Managing the growth of protected species populations



Sub-commission 1

  • Measures to protect the rights to cultural diversity of national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities
  • Protecting human rights for civilians in the Syrian conflict
  • Ensuring the protection of migrant juveniles travelling without adults
  • The question of Human Rights in Eritrea

Sub-commission 2

  • The question of the maintenance of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem
  • Measures to further develop cross-border cooperation for the assistance of migrants and asylum-seekers
  • Achieving access to safe, effective and affordable essential medicine and vaccines for all
  • Respecting Human Rights in penitentiaries



Sub-commission 1

  • The question of countries building walls and other forms of barriers
  • Measures to better protect international maritime routes
  • The question of the rise of regionalism and nationalism as a reaction to globalisation
  • Measures to reduce the impact of pandemics in a globalised world

Sub-commission 2

  • The question of strengthening control of national territorial borders
  • Preserving national traditions, culture and language in a globalised world
  • Combating cybercrime
  • Measures to improve international trade and transport for landlocked developing countries



  • Bolivia vs. Chile
  • Nauru vs. Australia



  • The question of the Israeli West Bank Wall
  • The question of the Occupied Territories (West Bank, Golan Heights, East-Jerusalem)
  • The question of the Syrian refugees in the Near East Region
  • The promotion of religious diversity and intercultural education in the Near East Region