Humanity House: more than just a museum

A journey of discovery makes the unimaginable imaginable


Embark on a journey through the museum and see, hear and experience personally what it must feel like to survive in an area affected by conflict or disaster. A spectacular and impressive journey of discovery makes the unimaginable imaginable. Visitors of Museum "The Humanity House" hear, see and feel the true stories of victims of disasters and conflicts all over the world. You will experience what it must feel like to lose everything.

Humanity House tells you more than simply the story of emergency aid and international humanitarian law. Check<> for opening hours and more information about temporary exhibitions, and programmes.

THIMUN Privilege: museum visit for just €1,00!
Humanity House and THIMUN The Hague are partners. Thats why all students of the The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN are welcome at our museum experience). By showing your THIMUN badge you pay only € 1,00 for an entrance ticket (normal price € 7,50) for the museum experience. This offer is valid from Saturday January 24th till Sunday February 1st 2015.

- Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8 2512 GA The Hague (located in city centre, closed on mondays) -